1. 1. How long will it take to receive my order?

    Orders are processed and shipped within 1-3 days. The arrival date depends on the selected method of shipping.


  1. 2. How should I store my Choctails? Can I refrigerate them?
    We handcraft our chocolates using only the finest and freshest all-natural ingredients, and special care should be given to maintain quality and freshness. For the best possible chocolate experience, please follow these storage guidelines:
  • Always store chocolate in a cool, dry location away from a heat source and direct light.
  • The ideal storage environment should maintain a consistent temperature between 55 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit. If stored in temperatures higher than that, the chocolate may begin to soften, compromising the appearance and flavor profile.
  • Do not freeze or refrigerate chocolate. Ideal humidity for chocolate storage is 55%, and regular refrigeration units are too humid and will cause condensation.
  • Keep chocolate away from sources of strong odors as chocolate absorbs the odors of food and other strongly smelling products around them, which can adversely affect the flavor.


  1. 3. What is the shelf life of Choctails?

    We handcraft all of our chocolates using only the finest and freshest all-natural ingredients without artificial preservatives. Factors that impact shelf life include:
  •  The amount of cocoa butter in the product.
  •  The specific ingredients of the product.
  •  The temperature and humidity where the chocolate is shipped and stored/displayed upon arrival.
  • The exposure to light where the chocolate is stored/displayed.
  • We recommend consumption within 120 days of purchase.


  1. 4. Are all of your chocolates handmade?

    Yes. All of our artisan chocolates are handcrafted, hand-decorated and hand-packaged in the United States of America.


  1. 5. Are your products all-natural?
    We handcraft our entire core line of year-round truffles using only the finest and freshest all-natural ingredients. Additionally, we do not add any preservatives to our chocolates.


  1. 6. Do you use fair trade chocolate?
    Choctail NYC strongly condemns slavery and abusive child labor and, as a matter of policy, does not utilize cocoa farmed by such means. We support international efforts to eliminate such labor practices and work only with vendors that confirm no slavery and/or abusive child labor was utilized for the harvesting of cocoa. While we, and our vendors, support fair trade initiatives, our chocolate is not certified as “fair trade.” However, we remain committed to ensuring the chocolate our customers enjoy in no way results from abusive labor practices.


  1. 7. How is shipping handled in the summer?
    During warm weather conditions (April 1 – October 31), Choctail NYC will take extra precautions, including using appropriate packing materials to keep your chocolates cool, to ensure your chocolates arrive in the best possible condition. When temperatures in the order’s destination city or in the UPS hub cities reach 70°F, standard shipping is Next Day, with standard shipments leaving our production facility Monday through Thursday. You may request Next Day shipments leave our facility on Fridays, but such shipments will require a Saturday delivery fee.


  1. 8. Does Choctail NYC sell wholesale?
    Yes. Please contact us for more information.


  1. 9. Does Choctail NYC take corporate orders?
    Yes. Please contact us for more information.